Suar ( Teak Family of Wood ) Console Table

  • $1,400.00
  • Save $1,200

This is a Suar Tree Root Table.

This particular table is 68” across 39” high and 16” thick.

This particular table can be used standing up as a console or laying down as a coffee table.

Suar And Teak are very similar in look and also hardness and physical weight.

Suar Wood is strong, and very durable, with a light yellow sapwood and rich dark chocolate-brown heartwood. The rich colour and beautiful but subtle grain of the heartwood, resembling black walnut makes wood from larger trees highly prized for the table top. The wood is often cross-grained making it highly sought after for its robustness. It is also highly resistant to decay and termites. Suar Wood only requires basic maintenance such as soap & water to maintain its grandeur.

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